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Skate and BMX Bike Ramp Plans Roundup

One of the best things about skateboarding is the DIY mentality that it encourages, from maintaining your board to building your own ramps. And thanks to the internet, nowadays there are loads of free and cheap plans for building skateboard and BMX ramps online. I’ve got through many of them to get a sense of what they various sites offer, and am posting my notes on them here.

It’s a good idea to double-check these sites as a lot of them seem to be updated with new information periodically.

Xtreme Skater: Seven free plans, from mini-half pipes to grind boxes. The plans include concise part lists and handy step-by-step instructions with many helpful photos. Currently, there’s nothing between their 8′ vert ramp and 3’6″ mini-half pipe, unless you modify their 4′ quarterpipe plans. The site also includes many useful tips on construction and materials.

Ramp Plans dot org: Compiles info about a number of different ramps that have been built with links to their construction plans. Not as detailed and navigable as Xtreme Skater’s site, but lists more ramp type options (the pool project is impressive). Their forum and FAQ are full of great information.

Skate ramp I built in 1987. I’m standing in the background.

Whitefish Skateramp Company: Sells partial ramp kits and traceable plans. Plans cost around $50-$75 depending on the design. Partial kits come mostly-precut and pre-drilled – a handy resource for those needing to assemble a quick skatepark setup. They have kits for street ramps to half pipes, and will consult with you on bowl and full skatepark design. The 6′ tall half pipe for $960 is an attractive project, although sheeting, hardware, and freight quickly jacks that price up.

Skatoramps: Instructional ramp plan e-booklets for different ramp types, starting at $15. $65 buys you the entire collection. Claims to have the best design for a half pipe, with an estimated price of $600. At a narrow 8′ width, you should expect to double that price to make the ramp more skate and bike friendly.

OC Ramps: Another company providing pre-cut ramp kits. Currently, they only have grind boxes, quarter pipes and hal fpipes listed. 3.5′ x 16′ half pipe costs $3488, including surfacing material and paint, and free shipping. A great feature on the site: the slow-mo video box showing different skate tricks from lip-level (found on bottom of homepage).

Buildaramp: Downloadable ramp plans. $17.95 – $19.95. Check out their free bank ramp plans to get a feel for their products.

Custom Skateboarding: Free blueprints without instructions or details.

Easy Half Pipe: DVD, plans and instructions on how to build a modular and transportable 4′ tall x 8′ wide half pipe. $29.95


You can also find a large list of books, plans and videos for building ramps on Amazon.
On that list, two interesting things:

1. A portable, fold-out 33″ tall quarterpipe for those who don’t have space or time to build a ramp. Made from all-weather ABS plastic top with metal framework, it actually gets pretty good reviews. A clever idea, and decently priced too at $399. They also have a fold-out launch ramp for $179. (And another company sells a “full skatepark” of ramps and obstacles for $3999)

2. In the about Amazon search results for “ramp plans,” I was surprised to see a Video On Demand result for my TV show Catch It Keep It (#12 on the list). We built ramps on two episodes, the “Scooter Shooter” where we launched an Il Bello Fly scooter off a ramp on the roof of our workshop, and on the episode where we launched a car off a ramp into a makeshift living room.