Harbor Freight Coupon Deals from Car and Driver Magazine

Being a regular reader of the Harbor Freight catalog I quickly noticed their signature look in the back pages of Car and Driver magazine. I also noticed the listed prices were better than the regular ones in their monthly mailer. And on top of that, the coupons don’t expire until mid-July. A pretty nice reward for the Car and Driver readers.

Here’s a scan of that ad; print it out on your company’s color laser printer and see if it works at your local HF shop. The jack stands and creeper are looking pretty useful for the project I’m working on right now…

One thought on “Harbor Freight Coupon Deals from Car and Driver Magazine”

  1. I saw the coupon deal in the Car & Driver magazine. Tried to purchase the air compressor –the store does not have it. Got a rain check and so far it has not come in. I hope these coupons are not just come-on’s to get us into the store.

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