Great Kids’ Gifts: My First Craftsman Kits

It’s never too early to start your kid on a life of satisfying project making. I saw these awesome “My First Craftsman” kids’ kits at the Craftsman Experience (I’ll be there later this week for a trebuchet build) and just got home from picking up a couple of their “My First Welding Torch Kits” from my local Sears for some tots I know. (Shh!)

The Craftsman sets include some wonderfully specific tool kits: air compressor set, engine rebuild, generator and tools, and more. There are a few work benches too, but as a child I really loved the child-sized work benches my dad built me to fit next to his own work bench, so I suggest building that one and stocking it with these tools.

Oh yeah, they’re on sale right now too.

3 thoughts on “Great Kids’ Gifts: My First Craftsman Kits”

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