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How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint With Stuff You Probably Already Have

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Chalkboard paint is a fun way to customize a space with the option of ever-changing designs that are only limited the color chalk you have. You can buy chalkboard paint at many places — but it’s not the cheapest stuff around. However, thanks to our favorite ex-girlfriend of Anthony Hopkins Martha Stewart (via the Brightnest.com blog), the curtain has been pulled back on what this magical paint is made from: materials you probably already have in your garage.

The basics:
– Paint
– Unsanded tile grout

(8:1 ratio of paint to grout, so not much grout is needed)

You’ll also want some primer, two foam roller brushes (look for “very smooth finish,” according to Brightnest), and materials to help you keep your lines straight and clean (masking tape for painting, levels, t-squares, pencils, etc).

1. Clean, dry, and primer the area you plan on applying the paint to.
2. Mix and stir 1 cup of paint to 2 tablespoons of grout (it dries quickly, so best to make smaller batches as needed instead of one large batch).
3. Apply evenly with roller brush, and let dry.
4. Wait 2 hours to dry, then apply a second coat. Repeat this step for 3 coats and you should be good to go.

As shown on the Brightnest blog, the chalkboard paint can be used for a lot more than just your kids’ play area. It works great as a way to make customizable coffee mugs, flower pots, pantry containers, and more. Check their site for a few more specifics and design ideas — enjoy!