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Video: Brush Clearing Monster Machine Shreds a Minivan

What guy hasn’t fantasized about a machine that can tear apart practically anything in its path? This Slashbuster brush cutter is just the thing to have on hand anytime you find yourself trapped deep in the Darien, or deep in an automotive graveyard. 

Now, I’m more of an environmentalist than most people tend to be, but I have to respect the destructive power of these tools. Check out how this thing flattens a 14″ diameter tree by simply lowering the 52″ blade down on it.

Tune Up Your Bike: Adjusting the Derailleurs

Almost all multi-speed bikes have two sets of gears: front and rear. Over time, the shifting of these gears can become out-of-sync, possibly due to the cable stretching, the shifting mechanism getting bumped, or a “friend” trying to make adjustments without really knowing what to do. Here’s how to fix those problems, and a couple very useful youtube videos to accompany the instructions.

Rear derailleur:

Front derailleur:

Land Rover: How to Replace the Rear Crossmember

When I bought my land rover I knew that it had a rusted rear crossmember. I drove it for a year and then decided the danger was too great and it was time to fix things. The springs connected right into the rusted area and could have busted free at any time.

I bought a replacement crossmember with rail extensions and proceeded to dismantle the body from the frame. While replacing this section I will took some steps to curb any future rust, and addressed some other issues underneath. Here’s the notes on how I did it.

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