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This beer-powered Slug trap Totally Works

Where I live, we seem to get an abundance of slugs. I let the trails across the driveway and garage door pass, but once they started chewing through all the seedlings in the garden, I decided I needed to do some population control. 

There are a few different slug trap designs on Thingiverse, all which use the same method of attracting the slugs to a basin of beer (yes, beer), which they drink, get drunk, fall in, and drown. It’s a little sad, but the garden must survive this season. 

I printed this model in PLA on an Ultimaker. In hindsight, I’d have done it with ABS to avoid warping in the sun, but it’s held up adequately regardless. I set up the trap at night, and checked the results the next morning. Success! Since then I’ve printed a few others (different types as well) and used them around my yard.