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How to Change a Macbook Pro battery Quickly and Easily With Kite String

With kite string, fingernail polish, and careful computer positioning, you can sidestep the challenging disassembly to remove your depleted MacBook battery.

Wonderfully Simple Joby Gorillapod Broken Leg Fix

It’s pretty great what you can do with simple heat shrink tubing!

How I Fixed My Shaking iPhone 6S Plus Rear Camera

If your iPhone camera is shaking you can buy a cheap replacement camera and fix it yourself, despite Apple saying it is non-serviceable.

Quick Fix: Broken Laundry Rack

Our favorite way to dry our clothes broke, so I put the 3D printer to use to bring it back.

Fixing a Broken Power Plug on the MicroDrone 2.0

The Microdrone 2.0 is a pretty sweet little quadcopter. Surprisingly stable and cautiously responsive for its small size, it’s also able to whip around outdoors in a bit of a breeze, high in the sky. The unit I have, however, has an overly tight socket…

How to Shrink Cosmic Bodies into Virtual Scale Miniatures

Everyone loves tiny things.

Arduino Uno and Due Size Comparison (with Raspberry Pi and Fio, too)

Earlier this week, the much anticipated Arduino Due microcontroller was released. Improved in almost every regard, the prototyping community is thrilled with the possibilities that it creates. The new boards are already shipping, and Jon Gottfried sent me some photos that compare its size…

GoPro Hero3 and Hero2 Width Comparison

In addition to amazing specs, an improved lens, and cool new connectivity options like wifi control (that seem to actually be arriving this time), the GoPro Hero3 shaves 30% from the already svelte body of the Hero2. It actually makes the older Hero look…

Never Shop at Harbor Freight Without a Coupon – Links to their best deals

More Harbor Freight online coupons, to save you a ton of money on their weirdly low tool prices – sometimes concerningly low (remember, “you get what you pay for”). Take advantage by printing the best ones before you drive to your nearest location, or have…

Video Fun: V8 Engine Block Machined From Solid Aluminum on a 5-Axis CNC Mill

Just a little something to fall asleep to tonight.