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How to Change a Macbook Pro battery Quickly and Easily With Kite String

On this 2014 unibody MacBook Pro, the battery was quite depleted and wouldn’t last long after a full charge. The computer otherwise still works perfectly, but it’d be nice to be able to unplug for a few hours, for a meeting, a bus ride, or just to get some work done in a new area far from power jacks.

MacBook Pro battery swaps are categorized as “difficult,” as most approaches require you to remove every internal component in order to safely dissolve the adhesive used on the battery without damaging the electronics.

Fortunately, replacement batteries aren’t too expensive — $40–$60 online, via most major outlets, and they plug right into a simple slot, with a few Torx screws holding them in place. That, and the adhesive that needs to be melted and scraped out.

With some kite string, fingernail polish, and careful computer positioning, you can sidestep the challenging disassembly, which risks breaking a crictal connector, or losing a tiny component. Just prop it up on a towel, drizzle the acetone fingernail polish remover behind the battery with a small syringe (I used an old one from a medicine bottle), tuck the kite string underneath each cell of the old battery, and begin sawing it back and forth as you pressure it downwards to cut through the dissolving glue. The string pops through quickly. Repeat for all the cells. Once all are complete, you can unscrew the remaining connector, put in the new battery, and you’ll be good to go for a few more years of on-the-go use. Good luck!