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Fun with Shoe-Goo: Reinforcing Skate Sneakers With Leather Scraps

Growing up one of the tricks we’d do to protect our sneakers would be cutting the suede or leather tongue off an old shoe and glueing it to the spot where you’d get a hole from ollieing. It worked incredibly well! The Vision Street Wear ones were particularly good for this. 

Fast forward 30 years and I’m loving these @statefootwear mid-tops — so comfy! But the rubber seemed to wear a little quick, especially with my futile kickflip attempts. I bought a new pair but this original set still seemed like it had life left in it. And with a tube of Shoe Goo and a scrap of leather on my bench, I decided to try the old trick again. 

This one is much larger than those we’d glue on years ago, because now there’s a lot more to scraping involved. The color and type of leather are all wrong, so it looks pretty goofy. But it works, and it keeps a pair of sneakers out of the trash can for a few months longer if not more.