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Video Roundup: More DIY Skate Ramps

It’s been a while since I’ve run through the resources for building skate ramps that exist online. And with so many now appearing on Youtube, I’ll focus this post on those plans and builds that appear there in video form. Let me know if I miss anything — especially if it is your build.

Adam DIY: How to Build a Skate Ramp/Quarter Half Pipe
In this installment, AdamDIY creates a 2′ tall, 4′ long basement ramp. The removable, hideaway platform is pretty clever, and I really like the simple jig he uses to get the coping placement dialed in. Its 5′ radius might be a tad tight for my liking, however — I’m all about really mellow, shallow ramps these days. That could be adjusted without too much trouble though. Skip to the end to see Adam bust a rock and roll on his new creation.

DIY Quarter Pipe
Australian video, so the material dimensions are slightly different. Standout part to me is that I like the 6′ width of this simple ramp — nice to get a little wider than the 4′ size that we’re regularly held to with standard 4 by 8 sheets of material.

Seth’s Bike Hacks: Building a Family Bike & Skate Ramp
Biggest takeaways of this fun bump-ramp build:
-Uses 2x3s instead of 2x4s to save weight (I’ve long felt that 2×4 micro ramp quarterpipes are unnecessarily overbuilt for what most of us will be doing on them)
-Explains the “wet the plywood to bend it” trick nicely
-Clever foldaway caster integration with string-pulley activation — this part is awesome!

How To Build an Easily Stored Skate/BMX Mini Ramp
Here, TheHowToDad follows the quarterpipe plans put out by DIYSkate to build a pair of mini ramps that can be set up in the garage facing each other for miniramp halfpipe fun. The slick trick with his build is making the 2nd ramp just a few inches narrower than the first, allowing it to nest inside it for compact storage — something that most of us would appreciate, I imagine.

How to Build a Mini Ramp in Your Basement with Greg Doefler
Greg from OpenSource(Skateboards) documents his indoor ramp build in this video, with his usual silliness. Peek at his method of mounting the coping using J-bolts, which eliminates the screw holes on the front side of piping. Check his channel for some good trick tutorials, too.

Vice: How to Build a Mini Ramp with Billy Rohan
An older video (2012) with over a million views. Watch this for:
-Nicely explained overview of the entire miniramp building process, including having to build a deck under the ramp to give a level surface for it
-2×4 transition drawing tip (more consistent than using a string)
-Good info on skinning a ramp, especially a large one. It’s trickier than you might realize, even having watched plenty of how-to videos.

More eye candy
A few additional videos you may want to peep to give you more inspiration for building your own setup: