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Sunnan Synth: Solar Powered Ikea Lamp Hacked to Make a Theremin Synth

Sunnan Synth. The solar powered strobe-opto-theremin-synth-thing. Made with an Ikea Sunnan solar lamp ($20, available in-store only), photoresistors, potentiometers and a cmos 556 integrated circuit ($2). Not too pricey nor complex, and it sounds awesome. Here’s the full writeup on how to build your…

Build Your Own Electric Guitar – A List of Instructions and Resources

Building your own musical instrument is a project of immense pride and skill. And there aren’t many instruments cooler than the electric guitar. Here are some great sites with instructions on how to build your own: Rick Eesley’s page – Lots of detail and…

DIY Lamp From Translucent Vinyl 45s – Instructable

Found another great instructable at instructables.com. Perfect project for the music fan. Lamp made from translucent 45 records – More DIY How To Projects

iPhone Headset Won’t Work? It’s Stuck in Headphone Mode – Here’s the Fix

Discovering that the person on the other end of the phone can’t hear you talk, especially while driving on the freeway, is frustrating, scary and dangerous. Is your headset broken? Is it the iPhone itself? Do you need to repair or replace? Very frustrating….