How to Change the Tail Light on your Nissan Versa

Once removed, the bulbs are accessible for changing. Replace by following the steps in opposite order.

A few days ago a friend asked me to help change a burnt out tail light on her Versa hatchback. Sure, piece of cake, right? Well, Nissan had other plans, and made it a little tricky. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting into your rear lamp console.

13 thoughts on “How to Change the Tail Light on your Nissan Versa”

  1. Not sure why Nissan had to make it such a colossal pain in the behind to change the tail-lights on the Versa.   The last time it needed doing, I played incompetent at the dealership and got them to do it for me (I was there getting something else fixed and they did it for free).  

    It takes about 2 minutes to change the tail-light in my husband’s Honda Fit.   But I still like my Versa better. 

  2. Mike, Thanks for the step-by-step. I will be changing out a complete tail light assembly this weekend and hopefully my son will not back into a concrete post again.

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  6. Mike, I appreciate your guide.   I am having difficulties with the lower bolt.  I have loosened it but when the bolt is almost to the end of the screw it just spins and spins and doesn’t come off.   I am using a 10mm racket wrench.   Does this bolt come completely off?   Can a racket wrench be magnetize?   I would appreciate any info.   Thank you. 


    1. Bill,
      Yes, the nut should come off completely from the lower bolt. It sounds like the bolt may have come loose from the plastic housing. Do you have some needle nose pliers that can reach behind the nut to grab onto the bolt and keep it from spinning? You might want to try the type with the angled tip, like these:

      (Get them cheap at Harbor Freight)

      Good luck.

  7. Thanks Mike for your prompt response.   I will get that tool.   My friend also said why not try to unloosen the top bolt and then see if that makes a difference.   Does it really matter which bolt you unloosen first?   Again, thank you so much for the help.  


    1. It doesn’t matter if you loosen the top or bottom first. If you undo the top one, and can get the light unfastened on the outside, you might be able to pull it tight enough to keep pressure on the bolt while spinning the nut loose. (this will require two people).

      But chances are you’ll need to grip the bolt with something to help hold it while taking the nut off. I’ll look inside my friend’s car when I can to see if anything stands out to me.

  8. Mike thank you for the guide. Worked great. Ive changed two bulbs in the past year, one on each side. But now…. I think I need bulb holder…not sure what the term is. When I put in the new bulb it flickers on and off periodically, then goes out completely unless I push it in again… Then it becomes unsnug. I think there is something loose on the connectors where the bulb screws into. I see the wires running to this. Do you know what these are called, where I can buy a replacement and how to disconnect and replace? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Lou, glad to help out with the guide. 

      For the part you’re referring to, do you mean the bulb socket? Is this for the brake light or blinker bulb? 

      I’m not sure of the exact part number or how it’s connected — I can peek inside the trunk and check. But, be careful — DIY electrical work can be potentially dangerous, like car-on-fire dangerous. 

  9. Mike, Using the nylon strap was really a Great way to get leverage to help slide the lamp housing back. I was using just my hands to push the housing back and that was going no where. The strap was the way to go! Thanks for your help!

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