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DIY Project: Make Your Own Paper iPod Nano Case

I was working at Wired magazine when the iPod Nano was announced, early September 2005. MacWorld was happening a few blocks away, but I couldn’t leave to check it out that day. Late in the morning, I saw the first photo of the Nano on a coworker’s monitor. Initial reaction: “Wow, that fake ‘tiny iPod’ ad is pretty funny.” An hour later I realized it wasn’t fake – and immediately became infatuated.

By the end of the week I owned two Nanos and created a successful “DIY iPod Nano Case” project post on Sneakmove. Here’s the post and original template for you to use, update, enjoy, etc.

diy ipod nano case with urban camo option

[Originally posted September 24, 2005]

the new ipod nano is amazing but what a pity that cases are still unavailable.
amid reports of scratch-sensitive screens we propose a solution: take matters into your own hands and make your own nano case.

how it works:
1. download the nano template and print it out.
2. following instructions, cut on solid lines and fold on dotted ones.

and even better is to use the cutout as a guide to trace onto any other material. fold and tape. voila! (here’s a secret: a packet of eclipse gum is nearly the perfect size–one less piece of packaging clogging up a landfill, and no one will know what you’ve really got in your pocket.)

you can probably do better, so feel free to tweak template (.ai illustrator vector format)-mix, modify, improve. send the files and pics (sneakmove at gmail) of your achievements and we’ll put ’em online.

need an ipod? get one here: ipod nano.

(Thank you, Wired design department, for the after-hours printer and exacto knife use).