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Convert your Honda CR-V into a Comfy, Compact Camper

The CR-V Sleepover Camper: a quick, easy conversion entailing the removal of the Honda CR-V’s backseat, assembly of hinged, spacious storage compartments, and a lid system that doubles as a platform that’s large enough to stretch out and sleep at night. Can be done in a weekend. Perfectly sized for two bouldering pads to act as a mattress that sleeps two adults.  Check out the whole project with photos on Rockclimbergirl.com

The actual supplies we needed were two 4×8 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood, assorted screws, fasteners, and Dad’s garage and tools to do the construction. I saw platforms made with heavier plywood, but thought this design would be solid enough that it would be fully supported and strong enough with 1/2 inch plywood to save weight. Anything Toyota Forerunner or smaller, you’ll want to use 1/2 inch.

The author of the page credits the FJ Forums for inspiring this project. Check it out for examples of some great storage/sleep conversion done to Toyota FJ Cruisers.