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If You Can Cut and Fold Paper, You Can Make These Papercraft Pizza Toys

Almost to scale.

Another fun project to sneak in at the end of a slow day in the office: Pizza Papercraft

Print these pizza-based papercraft templates out (use the color laser printer to really make them sparkle), cut as indicated (an exacto knife and the metal ruler borrowed from the art department work well), fold in the right spots (I like to crease the straight lines with the back of the exacto blade to get a nice sharp corner) and ta-da! everyone at work will know that you love pizza when they see your adorable paper pizza toys on your desk.

— —————-
The first project is from a Tokyo-based Italian restaurant called Napule. The papercraft is an anime-esque pizza guy holding a pizza with a knowing wink. What does he know? That you love pizza. And that you just got paid for an hour of your time folding him together.

Click to download the PDF

I found this on maurusso.com

(Interesting info: the pizzaiolo at Napule used to be Hisanori Yamamoto – winner of the 2007 World Cup Pizza Championships in Naples, Italy. He now runs Pizzeria Da Isa.)

The second  project is a funny one: Papercraft McDonald’s Pizza in a pizza box.

This one folds together similar to the boxes that tormented any of us that worked their way through high school and college making pizzas. And if you’re halfway decent with Photoshop or Illustrator, you can tweak the image on the pizza box to be anything you want, instead of the disgusting failed attempt to make pizza by one of the worst food corporations ever.

I brought some vinyl records home from Italy once in a box I kept from a place in Naples – it had a great design on it, and if I can find the box I’ll scan it and post the image here for you to use.

Click to download the PDF

I found this on Tektonten who also have a similar Pizza Hut Darth Maul papercraft project.

Nothing overly complex about these projects – I’d like to see more pizza focused paper projects though. I’ve got a prize for whomever comes up with the best papercraft wood-fired pizza oven by the end of April. 🙂