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My Chevy Volt Q&A and Engineer Interview – Watch Here

EDIT: Here’s the video for those that missed it. Things begin at about the 7 minute mark.

The Chevy Volt is a very exciting car, just named both Motor Trend’s and Automobile Magazine’s 2011 Car Of The Year.

After a few years of excited anticipation, the Volt has arrived and Chevrolet is taking its new electric car on a nationwide tour to celebrate. One of the final stops on the tour is happening at the Craftsman Experience workspace in downtown Chicago on November 18th – and I will be leading a discussion with Chevy engineer Valarie Boatman about the car’s design, features, and capabilities.

You’ll be able to watch live via Craftsman’s live-streaming enabled Facebook page. Make sure to click the “Watch Live” tab on the top of the page. The event happens from 6-9pm Chicago time (4-7pm Pacfic), and the Q&A will be from about 7-8pm. Check it out!