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Tormach 770 CNC Mill Review – My Writeup in Wired Magazine

CNC machines are awesome, computer-controlled tools that use digital files to output some incredible creations. CNC routers will cut large (or small) pieces of material into precise, repeatable designs. CNC mills allow you to carve intricate projects in materials from foam to steel. And CNC lathes make cylindrical components that range in complexity, from baseball bats to precise titanium aerospace components.

These amazing machines have started dropping into the price range that makes them accessible to the everyday user in their home workshop. Quite a few are available, but one company is getting high praise for its product and its stellar customer service – Tormach. I recently reached out to them and one of their users to discuss their entry-level machine, the PCNC 770, for Wired magazine.

If you can get to the store and grab the September 2011 issue, check it out. Otherwise, the article can be read online here.