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Undersea Cable Cross-Section and Interactive Submarine Cable Maps

Ever wonder how those undersea cables survive the rigors of stretching from one continent to another? Here’s a cross section of the many layers that surround and protect the minute, delicate fiber optics that let us 0-1 our way through modern life.

I don’t know the origin of this photo, and could only find one other  version of it online, at the site Friends of the Pleistocene — which is a fantastic website detailing some fascinating energy-related information. Tons of photos, for us industrial-imagery geeks.

These undersea cables have been around since the days of the telegraph, and even in the age of satellite communications, still provide a very important service. In 2008, three breaks occurred to these cables, in various parts of the globe, and possibly deliberately. They resulted in some service interruptions; thankfully, it was possible to re-route the data transmissions through other avenues until repairs were made.


Check out the interactive submarine cable map courtesy of the site TeleGeography. They have a range of other maps available, and you can even sponsor the design of your own.