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Crazy Deal: Stanley FatMax Tape Measure and Bonus Boxcutter for $5 from Lowes

The most used tool on any TV show I’ve done: the tape measure. And yet, it was the tool that our promotional suppliers seemed to send the least of. There were never enough, they were always getting lost or misplaced or borrowed by someone else the moment you put it down.

Specifically because of those experiences, I’ve grown an attachment for tape measures. And seeing a deal like this makes my eyes pop open — 16′ Stanley FatMax tape measure and bonus box cutter for FIVE DOLLARS. Regularly $30. Even Amazon can’t beat this. At this price you could probably buy them and sell them on eBay. Get one for everyone!

Buy it online from Lowes. Pick it up in person to save on shipping, or pay a few bucks more to have it delivered to your house. The offer says it is good until Dec 31.