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Six of the Geekiest RC Quadrotor and Flying Designs: “Back to the Future” Flying DeLorean, X-Wing Fighter, and More

RC quadrotors (or quadcopters) have so much awesome potential because they are basically stable, powerful floating platforms, capable of a variety flight-enabled projects. You can mount a camera on one to capture amazing aerial video, or create a menacing autonomous surveillance system. Or — on the far end of geekiness — you can dress one up in costume, and fly your nerdiest world of fandom through the sky for all to see, like these following guys have done:

“Back to the Future” flying DeLorean (check out the blue, glowing LED lights under the wheels):

X-Wing Fighter:

Skull-headed ghost:

Three flying humans (ok, they’re not quadrotors, and they turned out to be a marketing ploy for a movie. Still, geeky cool):

Two bonus planes (seeing as the above wasn’t really a quadrotor):

Star Destroyer:

USS Enterprise: