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Bike Repairs Made Easy With the DIY Bike Repair Stand

All bike repairs, from fixing a simple flat to complex derailleur adjustments, are exponentially easier with a proper bike stand. Good stands can cost $150 – $200 (like this one), but why spend all that money when you can build your own stand with…

Biking from Tempe to Tucson-Route and Photos

Eight years ago I spent Thanksgiving by biking across the Arizona desert, exploring the path from Tempe to Tucson. The ride was magically warm and beautiful, and the people I met showed hospitality that I will never forget, including the woman at the Circle…

DIY Builder Holiday Buying Guide – Gift Tips

A few Holiday suggestions that I’ve been enjoying this year, for the science geek/builder/pizza fanatic in your life. Tools Flexible shaft precision screwdriver: Don’t tell Apple but I’ve taken my Macbook apart plenty of times, made easy with this mini-screwdriver. It has 6 double-ended…

Skate and BMX Bike Ramp Plans Roundup

One of the best things about skateboarding is the DIY mentality that it encourages, from maintaining your board to building your own ramps. And thanks to the internet, nowadays there are loads of free and cheap plans for building skateboard and BMX ramps online….

Make Your Own Mega-LED Bike Light

High-powered ultra bright LEDs, a series of lenses, and a home-built power supply. Aluminum heatsink and a flashlight casing, mounted to your bike for incredible night biking fun. The instructions for this DIY bike light are written in Finnish, and the translation isn’t perfect,…

Build a Six-Wheel-Drive ATV for Go Anywhere Fun

A step up from the go-kart that we all built as kids (and some of us still do…), this vintage DIY six wheeler is a great father-son project for cruising around the neighborhood and out into the trails. Uses a transaxle automatic transmission to…

Convert your Honda CR-V into a Comfy, Compact Camper

The CR-V Sleepover Camper: a quick, easy conversion entailing the removal of the Honda CR-V’s backseat, assembly of hinged, spacious storage compartments, and a lid system that doubles as a platform that’s large enough to stretch out and sleep at night. Can be done…

Another Awesome Instructable Project: Solar Powered Trike

Soon as production ends on the current season, I’ll be building this. Totally rad. Solar Powered Trike – More DIY How To Projects

Volvo Impact Test Using Rooftop Drop

The best part is when the video shows the car skating forward, balanced on the crumpled up front end.

Oxy-Acetylene Cylinder Explosion in a Van

An Explosive clip showing why firefighters put up 200m exclusion zones around Oxy-Acetylene Cylinders during and after a fire. Via YouTube.