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Milling up a Burly Laurel Oak Slab

Timelapse from Ole General Store of a five-ton, 5’x10′ oak log getting milled into slabs. Took three men, a custom mill and a small Caterpillar with forklift attachment 9 1/2 hours to get the job done. Each slab weighs in around 500 pounds. I’m…

Awesome $5 Subscription Deals – Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines (and others too!) – UPDATE: Popular Mechanics for FREE

UPDATE: Here’s an offer to get a year of Popular Mechanics for nothing more than just a few pieces of personal information. Once again (but only until December 3), Amazon is offering a $5 magazine subscription deal on some great titles. Perfect timing for your…

Undersea Cable Cross-Section and Interactive Submarine Cable Maps

Ever wonder how those undersea cables survive the rigors of stretching from one continent to another? Here’s a cross section of the many layers that surround and protect the minute, delicate fiber optics that let us 0-1 our way through modern life.

Awesome Homemade Pizza – Broiler Cooked in Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Put that pizza under your oven to give it a nice crispy crust.

Violently Graphic Danger Signs for Workshop Safety

When it comes to safety, sometimes you gotta spell it out loud and clear. “This machine will sever your hand at the wrist. This machine will crush your fingers like a garbage disposal.” You get the idea.  

Palm-Sized Print and Cut Paper Trebuchet

Paper Trebuchet — a fun project for you projectile fans. Kill some time at work by printing the template, cutting it out, and folding it up. Then lay siege to your coworker’s sharpie collection. This isn’t a traditional trebuchet in that it doesn’t use…

Deal of the Day: HDE 750ºF Infrared Thermometer Gun For $16

HDE Infrared Thermometer on Amazon: $16 (free shipping if your order comes is over $25). Regular Price, $71 — that’s a $55 discount. Infrared thermometers are great. Like laser rangefinders, they have a very useful function, but also are addictively fun in that childishly awesome way….

Deal of the Day: Leatherman Skeletool on Amazon for $35 (start stuffing those stockings!)

Of all the Leatherman tools I’ve used, the Skeletool is my favorite. Ergonomic and light, with enough tool options to be useful for almost any situation. I paid a lot more than this and have no regrets about it whatsoever. With the holidays coming up,…

iPhone 4s Video Footage Looks Fantastic

Vimeo user and new iPhone 4s owner Benjamin Dowie (check him on Facebook here) posted a fantastic demonstration of the much-improved video capabilities of the iPhone 4s. As someone who is still blown away with the quality of the camera on the iPhone 4, I have…

Human-Controlled Robot Arms Like You’d See in the Movies, Only Now They’re Real

This goes a bit beyond the scope of your average at-home DIY project, but is definitely something that should inspire us to keep pushing our limits. © 2011 ksl.com | KSL Broadcasting Salt Lake City UT   SALT LAKE CITY — Visualize a robot…