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DIY Project: Cut-and-Fold Paper iPhone

When the iPhone was announced I was really eager to see how it would look in person, size up against my RAZR, how it might fit in my hand, etc. They weren’t going to release it for a few months still, so using the photos and dimensions posted online, I designed a PDF file that lets you print, cut and fold your very own paper iPhone. It got a lot of attention online (someone even tried to sell one on eBay) and is one of Sneakmove’s most popular posts.

Here’s the original post from Sneakmove – go ahead and make one yourself.

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DIY Project: Make Your Own Paper iPod Nano Case

I was working at Wired magazine when the iPod Nano was announced, early September 2005. MacWorld was happening a few blocks away, but I couldn’t leave to check it out that day. Late in the morning, I saw the first photo of the Nano on a coworker’s monitor. Initial reaction: “Wow, that fake ‘tiny iPod’ ad is pretty funny.” An hour later I realized it wasn’t fake – and immediately became infatuated.

By the end of the week I owned two Nanos and created a successful “DIY iPod Nano Case” project post on Sneakmove. Here’s the post and original template for you to use, update, enjoy, etc.

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