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Setting Up and Adjusting Your Bandsaw

It’s actually been a long time since I’ve used a bandsaw regularly, so my recent acquisition (Craftsman 12″, 3/4HP) has me learning some new and useful tidbits about how to get a bandsaw adjusted for optimal performance.

One of the best pieces of information I’ve found so far for this is from a website called TheWoodWhisperer – an encyclopedia of wood working information. Marc, the guy behind the site, makes very  informative and entertaining videos and posts that cover just about every topic you might want to know about wood and tools.

The Bandsaw Setup/Tuneup video is hosted on YouTube (as are most of his videos), and is almost 16 minutes of good information for the new bandsaw owner, or one who just needs a quick refresher on how to keep their machine fresh. It ranges from the initial work surface cleaning and prep, changing the blades, setting the guides, setting tension, adjusting the fence to compensate for drift, and more.

And speaking of blades, a new one will be my first purchase for this saw – I’ve got things set up according to the specs, but still getting a bit of a ragged cut, which is indicative of a shoddy blade, the type that usually come stock with a new saw. These ones from Timber Wolf are highly recommended (they’re also available on Amazon).