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Free Workbench Plans – The $175 Homemade Workbench

Need a workbench for your shop, something solid that will likely last longer than you will? Something you can do serious woodworking on? Mount a vice? Build shelves and cabinets and a crib for the new baby? Well, be prepared to plunk down a ton of cash,  because workbenches like that don’t come cheap.

Or, seeing as you’re the type that wants to build stuff, why not skip buying something pricey and build the very workbench you’ll be using for your future projects? Thanks to the good people at Popular Woodworking, here are the plans to put together your own high-quality, heavy duty bench with laminated top, and the whole thing will set you back just $175 — less than many new powertools cost. And that include the vise.

The free plans are available via PDF, with an accompanying set of notes on the Popular Woodworking website. Enjoy!