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Upcoming Kenmore Blogger Summit Visit – And a Chance to Win Some Prizes

I’m pretty excited to be heading to Chicago next weekend (Jan 20/21, 2012) to meet with the bigwigs at Kenmore and hear about some of the new things that they are getting up to. They’ll be flying me and a few others out and showing us their latest in home goods. Most of the stuff I focus on in this site is gadget, tool, and build-related (and I’ve helped out with similar events for Craftsman, another Sears brand), but I do let my pizza fascination influence some of the posts I make on this site, and am intrigued if Kenmore has anything pizza-related in the pipeline (not that there’s any reason for me to think so).

I’m going to bring a few questions for the Kenmore folks to the event, and I’m happy to ask anything you’ve got in mind or are wondering about too (like: why do they only offer ONE pizza slicer?). So feel free to pop any of those into the comments.

The Kenmore people also have a few prizes for the best video entries in response to the following:

“When tasked with the overwhelming demands of day-to-day chores, a little creativity goes a long way – and helps stretch our resources a bit. What is your most unusual, yet practical, use of a common household appliance?”

They’re offering a $100, $50, and $25 gift card for the best three submissions, which will be used internally and possibly sent out on their social media channels (I asked).

The rules:
– Submit your videos, and I’ll send my pick for the best five (if I get that many). Kenmore will select the best three from the entries of all bloggers (which means your odds are pretty decent)
– Video Due: Wednesday, January 18 at 9p.m. CT
– Rule: No branding visible other than Kenmore. To avoid, simple cover other brand names with tape.
– Format: Uncompressed Quicktime files at 1920×1080 16:9 are preferred. Any uncompressed file would be best, and the bigger the format the better. My suggestion: upload to Vimeo so the original file can be saved easily.

Have fun with it. I’ll report back after I return.