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Convert your Honda CR-V into a Comfy, Compact Camper

The CR-V Sleepover Camper: a quick, easy conversion entailing the removal of the Honda CR-V’s backseat, assembly of hinged, spacious storage compartments, and a lid system that doubles as a platform that’s large enough to stretch out and sleep at night. Can be done…

Two cardboard projects: Cardboard Frisbee (easy), Cardboad Surfboard (super-challenging)

Cardboard. An awesome material, great for boxes and backing paper pads. Also useful for more advanced projects. Here are two how-to’s from the web: a simple frisbee, and a badass surfboard. Cardboard Frisbee – More DIY How To Projects CARDBOARD SURFBOARDS or, Cross-sectional Notched…

Build Your Own Electric Guitar – A List of Instructions and Resources

Building your own musical instrument is a project of immense pride and skill. And there aren’t many instruments cooler than the electric guitar. Here are some great sites with instructions on how to build your own: Rick Eesley’s page – Lots of detail and…

DIY Lamp From Translucent Vinyl 45s – Instructable

Found another great instructable at instructables.com. Perfect project for the music fan. Lamp made from translucent 45 records – More DIY How To Projects

Remote Camera Triggering DIY Hack Using Long-range Walkie Talkies

Want to snap photos from a remote location, up to a kilometer away from your rig? Here’s a fairly cheap and easy project using common walkie-talkie radios to allow you to trigger your DSLR from long distance. The comments on DIYphotography.com have some suggestions…

The Awesome Foundation Gives you $1000 to do Something Awesome

Have an awesome idea and need $1000 to make it happen? Apply for the awesome grant – http://awesomefoundation.org/ Submit an awesome idea. If we pick it, we’ll give you $1,000 in cash. Yup, $1,000. Cash. Maybe even in a brown paper bag. You’ll also…

Tomato Plants: Day 54 – First Tomatoes Have Arrived

Great news from the tomato garden: three of the plants have started to produce fruit. They’re brand new, but looking good so far. It’s going to be a good summer.

Another Awesome Instructable Project: Solar Powered Trike

Soon as production ends on the current season, I’ll be building this. Totally rad. Solar Powered Trike – More DIY How To Projects

Tomato Garden, Week Three

At the start of march, I planted eight tomato plants. Let’s check in and see how they’re doing. For comparisons sake, here’s Roma 1, the day it was planted.

BMX Vampire Hunters IN PARIS – DIY Film Project

BMX Vampire Hunters IN PARIS from Mike Senese on Vimeo. My sister and I met up in SF a few week back and did a fun video project called BMX Vampire Hunters IN PARIS. Deliberately full of mistakes, translation errors and misconceptions. Filmed on…